With a variety of attachments and options, the Tl2h can be fitted to perform about any task when it comes to tray sealing. This model uses the latest in servo technology. The drive is protected digitally so there is no need for a mechanical clutch. Plenty of torque to accommodate addition load area length, if the need arises. Attachments include Tray Denesting; Laser or Inkjet Coding; SmartBelt Tray Infeed; Gas Flush and Parameter Die Cutting to mention a few.
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  • Product Sheet

Technical Specification

Intermittent Motion Tray Sealer for frozen or dried food products. This machine insert trays/cups into a platform, allows for filing in the product, & seals the product with film.

  • Up to 60 trays a minute
  • Servo Main Drive
  • Guillotine Cut
  • Drop-thru Construction
  • Allen-Bradley Controls
  • Independent Seal Heads
  • Programmable torque control
  • Interlocked guarding

See It In Action

Basic Specifications

  • 240 VAC-3 Phase60Hz
  • 120 VAC-1 Phase or 480 VAC-3 Phase60Hz
  • 24VDC
  • VAC
  • 3-6CFM @ 80 PSI
  • 22in
  • 140in
  • 56in
  • 22ft2

Production Capabilites

  • 2x2x1/2
  • 12x12x4
  • C-PET, A-PET, Polypropelyne
  • Up to 60 Traysper min